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14 September 2005 @ 02:14 pm
I need a home.
13 September 2005 @ 12:33 am
change.... i hope i never fucking do.
12 September 2005 @ 06:06 pm
A bodyguard/bounty hunter invited me to go to Vegas with him yesterday. Hmmmm...
22 July 2005 @ 12:51 pm
I miss everyone. I think you guys should all come down to Newport at the same time. But first, we all should get fake ID's (or turn 21). It would be FUN FUN FUN!
11 July 2005 @ 03:23 pm
I need to update before I'm done reading everyone else's entries. Otherwise I'll feel the need to step away from the computer before I do.

I'm baking peach cobbler right now. Completely home-made. I made the crust and everything. I even did the little criss-cross thing on the top with the dough. I'm gonna leave one for Justin and take one back to Newport for my roommates.

So the reason for the cobbler: My dad has a bunch of peach trees with massive amounts of peaches that needed to be picked because they were weighing down the branches (they break off when that happens).

Why was I at my dad's? My Grandma passed away the morning of the fourth and the funeral was Saturday. Wednesday I drove up to Ojai to meet up with my dad. Thursday we drove up to Fremont where we met up with my sister. Then the three of us drove up to Bend, Oregon. The funeral was beautiful. Beautiful small church with carvings of saints everywhere, a cute courtyard where my grandma's ashes were buried, very nice priest. It was really nice to see all my family too. The best part was Friday night, we did a rosary and then each talked about memories of her. It was nice. We laughed and smiled, cried a little. I didn't really know her very well, but what made me cry was imagining how my mom felt. I'd be a mess if my mommy died. So I tried to help my mom as much as I could. I don't like it when she's sad.
Anyway, we got the peaches on the way back.

On a happier note, the fourth was very fun. The whole weekend was basically a party. Drank every night, tons of people over. On the fourth our house was basically a dance party. It was nuts. I was dancing on the table, and apparently jumped up on the kitchen counter, the strippers were pulling off my bathing suit and flashing their boobs to every one. One crazy coincidence, I ran into Eighties, Caitlin's old roommate. He was visiting the guy who lived upstairs from me. SOooooo weird. In the middle of the night I made sandwiches with my neighbor, Eric, who owns his own sandwich place two streets down. It was great over all.

k... time to go check on my cobbler. Make sure its yummy for my wonderful Justin.
11 June 2005 @ 05:25 am
AAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGG!!! Can't sleep. Why do crazy drunk people in Cal Poly have to call me at 3am?
18 May 2005 @ 08:06 am
It's so hard to wake up everyday and face this life that I've made for myself.

I'm afraid I'm faking my way through all of it.
09 March 2005 @ 04:26 pm
JUSTIN GOT ME AN IPOD FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!! Ah! Didn't expect that coming at all.

He's so good to me. I love him.
04 January 2005 @ 01:33 pm
i throw fire: so justin won't let me see you without him there?
Vievie310: yea
i throw fire: and only if i apologize for saying new jersey sucks?
Vievie310: mhm
i throw fire: that's kinda funny coming from a 30 year old guy who talks about sex with people online while pretending to be a 19 year old girl
Vievie310: what he does is not offensive. saying the place where he is from sucks is. i'm sure you probably didn't mean it to be offensive, but thats how he took it.
i throw fire: you don't think it's weird that he prentends he's you and talks about sex with your friend?s
Vievie310: not really
i throw fire: alrighty then
i throw fire: well that's too bad
Vievie310: what is?
Vievie310: that he doesn't want us to hang out alone?
i throw fire: i wanted to hang out, but if that means i have to apologize for a joke i made while drunk to you while he was listening in on the conversation, i think that's kind of excessive, and it's too bad he doesn't trust either me or you enough to hang out alone, but that's not really the issue
Vievie310: I dont think apoligizing for an offensive joke is excessive. A lot of things you say offend people. Thats one reason some people don't like you. I know you don't mean it and I'm not trying to acuse you or anything. If an appoligy to the person I care most about is that hard for you then we probably shouldnt hang out.
i throw fire: here's the thing
i throw fire: he doesn't want an apology, he just wants me to demean myself in order to see you
i throw fire: frankly that's ridiculous i think
i throw fire: if he can't take a joke from a drunk guy he doesn't know over the phone then that's just too bad
i throw fire: i'm sorry but i'm not about to grovel on my knees to earn his permission to see you, i'm sorry you can't make that decision for yourself. you for one know that i was joking and it's you who should be making decisions about what you want to do
Vievie310: he doesn't want you do demean yourself. Hes a much nicer guy than you and I guess you just don't understand that. One appoligy is not groveling and I think he deserves it. And it is my decision to do that for him if thats what he needs to feel better about things.
Vievie310: I think you're being an asshole and if thats how you're going to be because you cant step it up and just say sorry than I guess thats that. Bye
i throw fire: haha
i throw fire: not worth it
i throw fire: sorry you've changed
Vievie310: I'm sorry you cant change

I love my baby and I've got his back.
09 December 2004 @ 12:43 pm

It's almost Christmas! hehe.